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Two existing activities of the company:

  • Power generation – operation of an 87 MW gas turbine power plant on Akshabulak oil-and-gas field in Kyzylorda Oblast, Republic of Kazkahstan (GTPP-Akshabulak).
  • Subsoil use – hydrocarbon deposit exploration on a licensed land lot (Block A) in West South-Turgay basin within Kyzylorda, Karaganda and Aktobe Oblasts.

Gas turbine power plant on Akshabulak oil field


Crystal Management JSC has successfully constructed a working business – an 87 MW gas turbine power plant in Kyzylorda Oblast (GTPP-Akshabulak). The project was implemented in 2008 – 2012 period and included design engineering, equipment selection and procurement, construction, installation and commissioning. Only new equipment and technology were purchased from the world leading vendors, specialized in the equipment specifically for the gas turbine power plants. The project includes three units of H-25 gas turbine generators (Hitachi, Japan), electrical equipment (ABB, Finland), exhaust systems with stacks (Clyde Bergemann Bachmann, USA) etc. All the purchased equipment is state-of-the-art of its type. The NOx emission level does not exceed 25 ppm, which complies with the international environmental requirements. The electric power is generated by burning associated gas from KazGerMunai JV LLP, which operates the oil field where the power plant has been built. GTPP-Akshabulak is an integral part of the KazGerMunai JV LLP associated gas utilization program.


There is a possibility to improve the power efficiency of GTPP-Akshabulak. If sufficient fuel amount is available, the intention is to implement the second stage of GTPP-Akshabulak – combined cycle add-on with additional power generation. It will increase the power output from 87 MW up to 125 MW by using the gas turbine waste heat without additional fuel gas afterburning. Thus, the GTPP-Akshabulak expansion will improve the use of the natural resources. The simple cycle conversion to the combined cycle will increase the power plant’s efficiency. This development direction complies with the nationally adopted strategy of energy efficiency and clean technology solutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The project main investment was made by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC. In 2009 the bank considered the project’s possibilities evaluated the risks and decided to finance. The project management team and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC together drew long-term export credits from leading foreign banks (BNP Paribas, CITI Bank of Tokyo, Japan Bank for International Cooperation), which acknowledged the ratings of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC.

Subsoil Use


Crystal Management JSC operates hydrocarbons exploration on the licensed land lot (Block A) in West South-Turgay basin within Kyzylorda, Karaganda and Aktobe Oblasts of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on the Contract No.3996-UVS, registered on 7 February 2014 by the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Oil & Gas. The contracted land lot area is 18256.48 square kilometres.

There are 35 oil and gas fields of different types discovered in the region within the quasi platform and Meso-Cainozoic complexes. The biggest is the Kumkol group of oil-and-gas fields with good marketable hydrocarbon properties. The results of the conducted exploration works on the licensed land lot (Block A) show more than 40 objects (structures) with prospect for oil and gas covering the stratigraphic range of higher and lower Cretaceous, Jurassic and Palaeozoic. At the present, the company runs a vast exploration program for the complex study of the land lot area (Block A) in order to explore and put into production oil-and-gas fields with commercial reserves.

Producing oil and gas fields in the region